BlueMantle offers two services:

  • Website Design, Construction, and Consultation
  • Enhanced Self-Publishing Consultation

BlueMantle approaches a website design as a unique portrayal of the website owner. Our construction process involves an interview and questionnaire concerning your goals, values, and identity, in an attempt to facilitate your constructive "branding." See a
description of our basic website.

As you may know from your own efforts, it is progressively difficult to land a contract with a large publisher, because it is no longer feasible to take many risks in a climate where readers are looking increasingly to the Internet. As an author who enjoyed the exquisite, but short-lived courtship with major publishers (two big contracts), I know how alluring it can be to win the favor of the New York publishing companies. But I also know how quickly that relationship can end when their disappointment, rather the quality of your work, can bring you back down to earth.

Let's face it. The big publishers will soon go the way of the big newspapers. In addition to the widespread availability of E-books and other web-based audiovisual products that can be viewed and downloaded, used books are immediately available, and can be purchased for a fraction of their original cost.

However, there will always be a place for books, and with that in mind we at BlueMantle seek to offer writers of quality works an approach to publishing that involves high-quality editing, layout, custom cover design, and standard distribution outlets. We also assist in eBook preparation.

BlueMantle is not for authors who expect a publisher to do all of the work. If you are well-positioned to sell your own works through academic exposure, speaking engagements, and website and social networking savvy, you are a candidate for BlueMantle. Our role is one of quality control and basic infrastructure, so that creative writers only have to worry about two things: the creative process and effective self-marketing.

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